Yoyo Purchase Advice

NOTICE: If this is a taboo thing to talk about, I give my apologies and you can by all means delete this thread.

Which yoyo do you consider to be the best out of the Aoda Sunshine, the Qixia Yo Soul and the Qixia Yoke. I like the Sunshine for its shape, and I really want to try hubstacks. The Yo Soul I only really like for the Protostar shape. I also like the Yoke for its shape, and when I say like, I mean LIIIKKKEEE. So help a fellow yoyoer? Also, please don’t hate on me or the thread or whatever.

it might be a little frowned upon, but whatever. I’ve only tried the yo soul and the yoke.
Of the two, I would say the yo soul plays better. It’s pretty much (it very well could just be a rebranded) severe/supernova.
you can’t really go wrong with either. hell, given how cheap they are, buy both. buy all 3.

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I’m sorry to kinda go off topic but I’ve never heard of any of these so what’s so wrong with them?

These are Chinese companies and have been reported to infringe on patents and copy designs and stuff.

Buy what you want. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Regarding those who violate patents and design, I have found those who do the accusing are also doing the same that they complain about. The Chinese companies also have their own original designs as well.


Two wrongs don’t necessarily make a right. But to be honest, as long as these Chinese companies don’t make the exact same YoYos, I’m fine… :stuck_out_tongue:

cough muffin top cough