Hi. I LOVE MY NEW 2016 BENCHMARK H! It’s the nickel color and it spins gorgeously. I took the bearing out, deshielded it, and used dish soap and washed it out. Dried it on hot with my hair dryer and it’s SOOO good. It spins for a couple minutes. I am getting a hand of the turbo repeater but minus the repeater part.

However, I’ve made extra careful not to hit my yoyo on the ground. But…

WHY aren’t there such things as yoyo rim protectors? Like a slim rubber/silicone cover for the rims so they prevent dinging?


Every yoyo’s a different size, would increase the overall weight of the yoyo, might induce some vibe, not really necessary and not enough people would go out of their way to get a product like that.

Then again, yoyo wraps are still made so what do I know.


I could understand that. But the main purpose of that yoyos life is to be thrown toward the ground. Dinging a beautiful new throw blows. But its possible it will happen sometime. When i bang up a nice yoyo i end up playing with that one more for some reason.
Deff agree with andy on this one


I’m pretty certain my Silver Bullet II came with large rubber rings to go on the outside.

I agree though that it would induce vibe and probably not be a good thing on newer yoyos.

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I’ve seen some rubber protector being sold few years ago in my local bst actually. Since then it has been made as a joke to people who complain too much about dings.


Silver bullet did come with them, but I think they are intended to create more rim weight as well as for protection. I used them once.

I wouldn’t mind rings when learning 5a, less to protect the yoyo, more to protect the house :slight_smile:

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They Plastidip cars. If you have the inclination why not yoyos? ::slight_smile: plastidip.com


If New cars came in giant boxes; some people would get box cutters and just cut holes so they could see out while driving.

And hopefully keep down damage from possible accidents.

I wrote a long post a few months back on the subject of ‘Fear and yoyos’. About how yoyos purchased for ‘throwing’ are only ‘fun’ if you throw them to have fun.

…And if you are literally in fear of the possibility/and/or inevitability of damaging your yoyo(s); that you have cancelled the ‘fun aspects’ of playing.

I gave an example of a guy I knew years ago that bought a beautiful 4 Wheel drive truck. It was fully equipped and looked sweet.

But he wouldn’t even drive down a street with water puddles. He wouldn’t drive it in the rain. He wouldn’t drive it around any mud. He would t take it off road. He wouldn’t park it anywhere away from home. He literally stopped in traffic one day when he saw water on the road from a fire hydrant and backed up and made a u-turn; to avoid flicking water up on his truck.

I saw him some time later with ‘no truck’. I asked him, ‘where’s that truck’? He told me he sold it because it wasn’t any fun’.

It wasn’t any fun simply because he was in fear of using it.

Unless you are a collector or just like to display and drool over your treasured yoyos; think of them more as tools and toys.

Learning tricks makes a Yoyo a tool that becomes part of the trick learning equation. Tools eventually show signs of wear. Regardless of how careful you are. Shovels get scratches, hammers get gouged up handles, work trucks get collateral damage, work shoes get all scuffed up.

But all equipment helps accomplish your mission. Whether it’s: hole digging or hammering a nail or using your truck on a demo site or doing construction work with sturdy boots on.

If… If you buy yoyos to learn tricks. If you bought just one or two yoyos for learning tricks. That yoyo or those yoyos are ‘tools’. Let the yoyos help accomplish your mission; to learn tricks.

Effective learning is best; if distractions are minimized. Being ‘constantly fearful’ of damaging your yoyos is not very fun or effective.

Be careful not fearful. Throw yoyos and have fun doing it.

…or just play with Jello.


There have been yoyos over the years that used rubber on the rims… the original spinfaktor, the mondial injection, etc.

The problem is that most had a problem where if you threw too hard they’d expand and fly off. (probably wouldn’t be as much of a problem these days since most of our yoyos spin at lower rpms)

More than that though… just use it and ding it and love it.


Sounds like taking a shower with a raincoat on… :wink:


I’ve always wanted to do an experiment trying to isolate few factors in yoyo players: not wanting to ding vs not caring about dings, only using one yoyo vs using a plethora of them, and then just a control group of people with a mix of everything. All of the groups starting at the same skill level. Then after let’s say a year, seeing which group on average progressed the most and also noting what level of fun they would say they have been having.