Yoyo product revival

What yoyo merchandise (yoyo, string, bearing, so on) do you wish that company would start making again?

For me I would say blue print strings. I used them on and off for 3-4 years. I am just about out and really wish Werrd would get one more big batch to yoyoexpert so I could stock up :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t bet on more Werrd Blueprint strings coming out. Pretty sure Werrd is gone (even though they seem to suggest they aren’t).

I’d like another run of the '11 888. Very nice looking yoyo.

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I wish H-Spin would come back and make more Pyros. that is my favorite yoyo of all time to this day. I had one back like 10 years ago but had to sell it because school. I wish I could get my hands on another. That or the Good and evil series of yoyo’s. i loved My GE3 too.

I just want AntiYo back. Even if it was 1 yoyo every other year, or every 2 years.

Blueprints. I just want to be able to buy blueprints.

A while back, a video from them was posted on yoyonews, it said the yoyo was a “werrd prototype”. No news from then, and it’s too bad, because I like the werrd minute I have a lot, and had high hopes for a new design from them.

Anything from SPYY. I love my Spyders, and I had a full metal jacket radian that I traded, like a fool, back in the day.

Antiyo for the win.

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Onedrop RSMs. Maybe just a little lighter…