What string comes with Werrd yo yos?

Doe anyone know what string Werrd ships their yo yos with?

Probably Blueprint

it depends, if the yoyo predates blueprint I’m not sure. But any of the recently released stuff; the 86400, new Minute, 2k13 Tre, 2k13 Hour, and the new Irony JP almost definitely come with Blueprint.

I’m still establishing my Type X baseline before I try out the Venom I’ve got so I haven’t tried the Blueprint that came with my 86400 yet but it feels pretty good from what I can tell.

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Thanks. I just got the new Minute and I kinda like the string it came with. Thanks!

Yea it comes with blueprint currently

I actually got to speak to Stu (at Werrd) today and the new Irony JP and if I remember rightly the 2k13 Tre actually come with kitty, but yeh the new Minute (and the rest of the time series) definitely comes with Blueprint.

Just thought I’d correct myself before it causes anyone any confusion.

Thanks again.

Happy to help :wink: