YoYo Preformence Songs, what song should i pick, what do you like?


so im going into the talent show at my school this year and i picked the song stronger by kanye west. so in the futer what song do you guys think i should pick.



I agree with the song you picked, and I have a talent show in April this year, so…yeah.
I think you can pick S.O.S by Jonas brothers, most girls love Jonas brothers, lol

Happy Throwing! =]


Well, like Starscream said the Jonas Brothers are a good choice but when I did my talent show I did it to their song “Video Girl” on their album “A little Bit Longer” and the girls were screaming so loud you could barely hear the music.
two other reccomend “Year 3000” and “BB Good” but S.O.S. is good but I like the other ones better.


I agree- Yo-Yo and get chicks!


Lol, that’s funny Evan. I thinking of a diferent song beside S.O.S. I’ll tell you later.

Happy Throwing! =]


I don’t like songs with yoyo…


Try anything without lyrics.