Good talent show song?

I was curious what a good talent show song is for yoyoing because I have one coming up.

I suggest anything by Two Door Cinema Club or Campus by Vampire Weekend

Its sometimes fun to do songs that are really popular in your grade
I did a thing to thrift shop(macklmore) beceause EVERYONE knew it and they loved the preformance

That’s awesome! Did you wear clothes from a thrift store?

19-2000 (Soulchild remix) by gorillaz

Techno is good because there are no distracting words or obscenities for people to pay more attention to. But pretty much anything with a good beat. I suggest my favorites:
A City in Florida-Deadmau5
Ghosts n’ stuff-Deadmau5
Bonfire-Knife Party
Sleaze-Knife Party ft. Mistajam
Anyway, that’s what I’d do.

When Can I see you again?-Owl City. I just used that and it was a hit for sure. It worked really well for the performance and was upbeat but not intense. If you want intense music I’m not the one to be asking but if you want fun upbeat stuff I know plenty!

Remember the Name

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I did 300 Violin orchestra once last year

i did this

i got multiple compliments, it also worked really well with the black light i was using.

Python - Dodge & Fuski

I used that song recently for a performance.

The drop is on the line “And now for something completely different!” and I used that as an opportunity to switch from 1A to 4A.