What are your favorite songs to throw to? Lets make a list and maybe all of us with have some new favorite songs! Be sure to include title and artist!


Drama by Rza, Dreaming with a broken heart by John mayer( slow but it kinda makes me think about my tricks more), mercy by Kanye West, also just yoyo to the radio :slight_smile:

(Cinimod105) #3

lol, recently, I have been throwing to Christmas songs.


Any songs are great to yoyo to. You can always make it work, whatever kind of music. Here are the songs I’ve been using a lot lately though:


Stronger by Kanyé West

Bangarang by Shrillex

Rabbit Run by Eminem

Lose Yourself by Eminem

Strobe by deadmau5

Silly Putty by Mr Bear

I’m A Goofy Goober by Spongebob


Loving your Goofy Goober :smiley:


Fatal Flaw Attractions by The AB Theory. Introduced to it by Augie Fash. Cuz he’s cool like that.


I throw to a bit of everything. Lately I’ve been favouring Swedish House Mafia and some of Sungha Jung’s guitar covers.



Love that song, and also a great video it was in.


I like the red hot chilli peppers caus’ flea is a boss and his licks are so much fun to throw it