Yoyo pics

I wanted to start a mini business to help my yoyo purchases.

I will take high quality, amazing pictures of your prize possession yoyos and post them up on imgur for you to have for your BSTs or oTher forums. I will only charge $1 per yoyo or $2 for 3 yoyos but you have to pay for shipping both ways.

Since this is kinda new, the first 2 people to contact me will get free pics( but will still have to pay for shipping).

If you want to see some of my pics, go to my bst (can’t post links on this iPod)
Pm me for details or maybe we can work something out.



This sounds kinda fishy to me.

Yah lol

Nice try, buddy. :wink:

Just noticed your traders feedback. This will probably get locked

my thoughts exactly. And I dont know if you guys remember a while back there was a guy scamming named shoysauce and there was some debate if this “diggadeer” was a second account of his. Much much fishy.

Good game, Diggadear. GG.
I think all of us have cameras powerful enough to take good pictures. Even if it’s a crappy iPhone 4S camera quality, it still does the job.

Good game.

nice try man.

I have traded with diggadear he is legit. I just don’t know how practical, after all the shipping. One could probably go to Sears and get holiday backgrounds and wallets for the same price. This doesn’t look good to the community seeing as the comments already being left. Better luck next venture.

Honestly, most people don’t care enough to post quality pics on the BST lol.



Diggadear’s reaction when people found out it was a scam.
Not trying to be mean, Just having fun. :wink:


Haha lol!

I love rage comics. So close

Yes it would help your collection. Just not the purchasing part. Sorry If you have been misunderstood but it seems obvious

hmm… seems legit. What’s your address? I’ll send over a couple of 1st run peaks. I don’t have anything capable of taking these “picture” things you speak of.

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at first I thought you were serious.

send him a box of toenail clippings instead :smiley: