Yoyos for sale

Here are some yoyos that I want to sell that I don’t play with. Here we go.

First one up is Skyline that’s in almost mint condition. No dings or anything.
$80 shipped.

MIP Preproduction DNA. $70 shipped.

VK. Mint condition. center part around the hubstacks changed color for some reason (oxidation?). 45 shipped.

BIO industries Ego. Mint condition. Vibes. 45 shipped.

If you have any question, PM me. Thanks for looking.

I knew eventually you’d post here. Welcome to the forum (Even though you’ve had an account for a while.)

i only pay 20 or maybe 25. maybe you got somethin else to offer

Will the VK discoloration polish out?
How badly do you want to get rid of these?

Why arent you grouped in the Professional Section? Wierd… Hmm that skyline is nice. I might buy it if i can. I’m SDThrower from yoyonation, you wanted to be a judge remember?

i will buy DNA prob im not sure yet though.

YOSSHI SOLD THE SKYLINE ON EBAY! Yosshi please revise your post.

hey could you reserve that seth park for me???

Can u make ur VK cheaper? i can prob send u something else u want. Try to lower it to 30 i cant any good hstack yoyo

i have 45 bucks and would like to take that vk off your hands. PM’ed

Please don’t bring back b/s/t threads. Its good that you PM’ed him but just don’t post on the old thread.

Thread locked. If you have an old bst thread please archive it.


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