Selling my Yo-Yo Collection, not sure what it is worth (if anything)


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Hey guys,

Selling my YoYo’s (case included). Can you guys help me out on if this stuff is worth anything at all?

Let me know if there is a particular yoyo you want a closer picture of. Just want to sell them all in one transaction if possible.

This is my first post here - so please let me know if I’m doing anything incorrectly.




what do you want for all of it including shipping?


That’s the problem - I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s worth $2 or $200. Hoping some of you guys could help identify this stuff. I bought most of it from Yoyo Factory a long time ago.


List the contents of your case, row by row. That will help.


I don’t know what they are…that’s the problem. Again, i’m hoping some of you guys can help identify them.


The only ones worth much is the GM2, Triad, YYN Enyo FHZ. Maybe a few bucks on the X-convict and Hitman.


Awesome! Thank you - can you tell me which are which, and what are they worth?


From top left to bottom right

throw monkey, random throw, hitman, xconvict, lynn fury (need profile shot to be sure)
enyo fhz, clear flying panda I think, velocity
speed dial, flying squirrel, some duncan (profile shot again needed)
bumblebee, butterfly, pre production gm2, kickside (need profile shot to be sure)


My mistake. I thought that clear was a Triad. My eyes wanted to see metal rings around the rims, lol. So cancel that one…


Whoa! Thank you!!! What would you say they are worth? (if anything)


How about some shots out of the case so we can see the bodies etc.

sparhawk - The one you identify as a flying panda appears to me to have hubstacks.


already sent you a pm on that


I don’t think those are stacks. Just where the axle goes through. Looks fixed to me.


You got it, give me a few!

EDIT: Ok, here they are out of the case:

Let me know if I need different/closer shots of a particular one.


Would help if they were lined up like that

Be super careful with the grind machine 2. The pre pro are famous for having tiny walls that let the yoyo break


Will do - none of these save the bumblebee and the other cheap plastic ones have ever been used - so they are in mint condition.

Here are those shots:


The random plastic, kickside and lyn fury are missing from the pic but it looks like I got everything else. Make sure to inspect the hitman and xconvict closely since even without play they can crack if stored in poor temperatures


Thanks for the info guys - It seems as though the entire case is probably worth ~$120, so I’m going to try to sell it for $60 shipped. Do you think this is fair?


I think you’ve considerably lowballed yourself

$100 shipped would still be a more than fair deal


Well, I’d like to sell it fairly quickly, and don’t mind taking a hit to do so, so maybe $80 shipped?

I think I’ll start with that, if anyone is interested =)

And of course this includes everything including the case.