Yoyo performance.

(Yiyang Wang) #1

I really went for the speed rather than tech, any thoughts?


I liked it a lot. You are much more advanced than I am! Haha.

The only constructive criticism I would offer, and this is just me, but the bright orange glove was a bit distracting for me. I’ve ways noticed I don’t pay attention when someone has a black glove, but the bright ones pull my attention. Just me though. Otherwise it was very entertaining.

(Yiyang Wang) #3

Haha, I know. Yoyoexpert run out of black gloves.:disappointed:


I got mine as a gift. Black Zeekio glove, it doesn’t have fingers on the ring and pinkie fingers. They’re available for $4-6 online. Just do a search for “Zeekio yoyo glove.” I’d put up links, but yye doesn’t carry them and forum rules forbid promoting other online retailers. I’ll give you a hint though. It’s a rain forest in South America.

(Yiyang Wang) #5

Haha, way ahead of you, I got blue Zeekio gloves coming tomorrow.


It was weird when I first used a glove, just felt strange. Is that the way it is for everyone? Now I don’t like to not use a glove.


Trapeze’ n’ bro everything