As always, impressive tricks and style, executed with a single silly-long seamless throw. Other than the one “regen for the heck of it” at the end, were there any other regens throughout?

Really good stuff, mang.

Thanks for the complements. No, just that one at the end is the only regen. I just really like one-throw stuff, haha.

Wow, that was great. I like how you don’t put music in your videos. The sound of your yoyos is great! I wish all mine sounded that clean.
I think you and I are the only ones on here that use gloves. I saw you were using the YoYoExpert glove(nth?) and possibly Duncan(th?) unless the YoYoExpert symbol is on your palm. Anyways, I have the Duncan gloves and noticed the YoYoExpert ones on the site just recently. How do they fit? Also, do you notice the knot on your TH sliding at all? Mine tends to rotate around my finger while I’m playing.

Well there is music in the background and if I wanted to put music to it then I would have to render a whole new video and I just don’t want to, haha.

There are just a few others who use gloves that I have seen in their videos.

Both of them were yoyoexpert gloves, got them at PNWR and they also look diffrent than the ones on here, and they are a one-size-fits-all glove. They fit pretty well but they don’t stretch out like duncan gloves. It is hard to pick between the two brands but since I have a big hand and need the biggest glove that duncan has the stretching makes a big diffrence. I would probably pick the yoyoe glove over the duncan one.

The slipknot sliding doesn’t really aply to me since I have the slipknot loop attached to my pinky finger, haha. Can’t really help you on that part but the gloves do seem just a tad grippier and that may solve your problem with the sliding. They still allow the string to flow nicley but they have a distinct texture would be saying it better.

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I use the Large sized Duncan’s as well so I know exactly what you mean.

I’ll have to shoot Andre an email and see if they are the same gloves.

how come in most of your recent vids you use the irony jp?
From meeting you at va states your collection is bountiful, so is the jp your fav or is it just a coincidence?

Not sure really, haha. I go back and forth between a lot of yoyos, I haven’t as much recently allthough I am throwing my dreadnought more now. I guess the JP felt right at the time. It is definitly in my top 5 favorites though. It has the longest spin times of any yoyo I have tried and is still light enough feeling for me to go as fast as I want.

That kind of shows about YYF’s whole Ricochet thing.

Yeah, and their longest one throw was only one minute and eighteen seconds. I have done a two minute and thirty second throw witht the JP and the video is on my channel. It makes me want to get the ricochet and really do a one throw video, haha.