Yoyo People


How many of you have never really met anyone else who yoyos or have met very, very few?

Anyone never been to a competition?

If so, what really keeps you going in this hobby?

For me, I’ve never been around any other yoyoers other than ones I’ve taught and a few people who were in what I would consider as a beginner stage.


Its really too bad that more people don’t yoyo. I have met people at my local (ish) club, and people at my first contest, so I don’t feel that isolated, but depending on if you live somewhere more rural or remote, it might get a little lonely. I believe most yoyoers don’t mind throwing alone most of the time, but I would feel extremely isolated without this site and meeting at my club every so often.


I just went to my first contest, beast of the east today. It was amazing.

There were well known yo-yoers there such as Colin Beckford, Tyler severance, ky zizan, andrew Bergen, mark mangarin, just to name a few. Issei Suzuki was super cool so shoutout to him.

I got to try out a TON of yoyos. I tried out titaniums, high end bimetals and lots of of new yo-yos.

I totally screwed up my perfomance but I don’t care because I had a great time.

The yoyos that really stood out to me out of the many that i tried were: ignite, tempo, banana hammock, and top deck.

Extremely highly recommended to go to any club or contest. Sorry if I didn’t answer your actual question lol :slight_smile:


Especially the ignite, that yoyo blew my mind.


Comparison to Masamune?


I’m from Montreal, Canada, and seriously, I never in my life met someone that play yoyo. Never. It’s making me kind of sad. Haha


Same here in the UK, really wish there was such thing as a local club to attend.


We have a big community in the Atlanta area, but we just don’t meet up. If they do, I don’t know about it.


Bit heavier, but not nearly as heavy as you’d expect. More powerful and stable. Super interesting shape and colors.

Super durable too, I tried out one that was dinged up really badly and it was still smooth.


I live in western Kentucky, and I have never meet anyone in this hobby. This forum is the closest I’ve been to talking about it with anyone. It’s not so bad to fly solo, but my girlfriend says I need to find someone in the hobby :slight_smile: Although sometimes I do get super jealous reading about the cool yoyo clubs where people can hang out and learn new things.


Down in central Texas, no one I know yoyos. A couple of kids did back in the 90s Yomega craze, but that did not last for any of us. I did not pick the hobby back up until a couple of years ago, and have been trying to set a club up down here, but it is hard to do. I could drive to Dallas or Austin, but 2 hours is pretty far for me. I just keep yoyoing because it is fun, and quite challenging. Plus, the feeling you get when you hit that hard trick for the first time, or realize how to do someone else’s trick. Killer.



Lucky to live in the Northeast, not too far from either the Northampton, MA or NYC yoyo communities


Where are you in western Kentucky. We have a small group in Lexington area. Took some time finding them.


There are a few of us here in Florida, but I’ve never met any that weren’t working the Duncan yo-yo booth at Disney Springs


I am VERY lucky to live in Easthampton, MA (the home of YYE).

When I got back into the hobby in 2010 I was not aware of the rich yoyo history in Northampton, MA. Once I started to meet people it really snowballed from there. If it was not for the local community I don’t think I would have kept strong for so long. I have also met some of my now best friends through this hobby!

To those who do not have anyone around them who yoyo’s my best advice would be to either give someone a yoyo or teach some friends. The in person community feel is something that is very very special!


It is great to have the in person community! At my high school, there was a group of us (about 10-15) for a while, then everyone quit… oh well I guess… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: