Yoyo painting/ finishes at home?

After watching some videos, reading some articles and always wanting to learn more, I was wondering the following:

-are there any finishes on yoyos I can do at home that would give a decent or good grinding surface?

-I heard something about “eggshell” being okay for grinding. What is eggshell? I think ibanezcollector said something about that.

Thanks for your time! Any information is welcome! (Even if you just want to tell me to do more research :wink: )

Eggshell is the painted finish on the OG Peaks. It’s not bad for grinding, but I prefer a smooth bead blast.

Okay, that’s what he used to show what eggshell was :slight_smile:

Is it like something that one airbrushes on?

When you paint a yoyo with an airbrush, you want to use a paint that has an eggshell finish. There are multiple finishes that paint offers, eggshell just happens to work best on yoyos, for grinding reasons.

Oh! Okay! Makes sense :wink:

Is there a specific kind of eggshell or just any type of eggshell finish paint?