Eggshell finish is annoying. Terrible grinds. I need help


Okay, so I have a capt anxiety (jacob gross) painted skyline with an eggshell finish. I hate the so called “grindable finish” cause it sucks. It has a grey with red and white splash color scheme. I dont want to ruin the color cause its awesome looking, I just want to make it have a different texture so I can grind with it. What are my REALISTIC options?



1: I’m new. Take what I say with a grain of salt.

2: I’m not into grinding. See that new part. Inexperienced. I’ll maybe get there eventually.

3: Eggshell is supposed to be a grindable surface.

4: I hear people raving about Brett Grime’s eggshell paint jobs and how wonderful they are for grinding.

5: I inquired to Capt. Anxiety about what he provides for a painting job, and all I can say was that I chose to not have something painted. This shouldn’t be perceived as a negative against him as there were many more factors involved than just his response. I basically finalized a decision to not have a yoyo painted based on many factors.


You also have to remember, when you paint a yoyo, it won’t grind well anymore. The fact that Brett came up with the eggshell to get some kind of grindability is amazing. I’ve used a painted and an eggshell painted yoyo. There is a big difference. Of course it won’t grind as long as a metal, but it does grind.


That does totally make sense. Paint is going to wear far faster. It’s really more of a treatment, rather than a surface modification.


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Interesting timing:

I think he reads this forum!


the part about pooping rainbows or paiting? lol


Yeah, he is on this forum


It’s just, I saw this thread, and it’s like he read this and a day later posted that video as if to say “paint doesn’t grind? Rubbish!”


I bought this YoYo from SwatNoodle and I was told it
Grinded well but its terrible compared to a very very vineyard bassalope…anyways I can’t strip the paint, can I? And if so, how? What are.all my realistic options? I don’t need to read “throw it away then” or “forget about the paint”. This is supposed to be a forum to help people like me and so I expect as much. Thank you, so what are my options?


Vineyard??? Stupid phone…what I meant was “…very VIBEY bassalope…”


If it’s painted, it can be stripped. If it’s metal, most likely it may be anodized, and you can just sand it off with some effort.

If you do remove the anodization, you shouldn’t try to re-anodize it on your own unless you know how to do it. Paint or bare metal will be fine. You might want to then satin or have it angel dusted or beat blasted. Some yoyos look cool raw or bare as well.


You can strip but why, unless there is a blast grinds will still suck.


step 1: Get a stampede.
And done. :stuck_out_tongue:
seriously, that thing grinds forever. litereally gotten 10 second finger grinds.

But as far as the situation at hand… you’re not really gonna get it to grind much better. satining it will most likely make it worse for grinding. raw metal is terribly grippy. the egg shell paint brett uses is grindable, it’s just not as good as some company’s beadblasts or what have you.

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If you really dislike it that much, I’d suggest selling it or trading it to someone that could love it, and replace it with something you’d enjoy more. You should be able to get something nice for it.


Thanks Studio42, I was reading some of your posts and u are definitely helpful…I should give u feedback for that…I am thinking about opening up a bst to sell it w/o stacks, but my options are to sell it or satin it and have re-blasted, correct? How do I beadblast a YoYo?


@dynikus…that’s actually not a bad idea and I’m giving away my superwide and need something to replace it…u should pm me a personal review of the stampede…no joke!!!


Thank you. I try to help.

There’s a few guys on here who do beadblasting, or I think angeldusting. I think and I could be wrong, but angel dusting I think uses even finer particles? I’m not sure. I’d have to check my PM’s to find the name of someone who does to angel dusting. I was going to have him strip and do a gnarwal and a BVM, but I opted instead to respect the throws the way they were.

Either way, blasting takes special tools and skills and equipment. It’s best to have someone else do it, or if you want to do it yourself, do it under the supervision of someone who knows what they are doing.

You could probably satin it yourself. I think the process involves sandpaper, a drill or lathe and some patience, then a polishing. But I don’t think you need t go that far. I think Captain Anxiety’s paint jobs can be removed with rubbing alcohol, which should take you back down to the original finish since he told me he doesn’t strip the yoyos(works in your favor). I suppose mineral spirits and/or paint thinner could work as well. You might contact him about how to go about undoing his paint jobs.

Please, to all others reading:
I’m not in any way shape or form criticizing Capt. Anxiety or his work. I haven’t seen his work myself, but his pictures are very impressive and if that’s indicative of his work, it’s quite nice in my opinion. I can just say his style is not my style. I can appreciate art though.


Angeldusting was a specific type of beadblasting that nick/c3buddha/calibuddha used to do. hes taking time off cuz he is going to pharmacy school