Something New, Something Earthy, The BvM gets a paint job.

Ok since I got my OG Painted Peak I was surprised on how good it grinded for a painted yoyo.

Most of you have seen the mirror finish paint jobs I usually do which dont grind at all LOL. So I went out today to try and emulate the eggshell finish of the OG Painted Peak.

Now most painters will refer to “Eggshell” as orange peel and its not really desirable at all we try to avoid it as much as we can since it means more work when it comes down to wetsand and polish. But it appears that on a yoyo it has the opposite affect it may just be desirable since it appears it helps grinds.

So I went out and shot my SvsZB(Thanks Cyclontzy) with a eggshell type paint job in a very earthy neutral beige. I have been really digging earthy tones lately since you dont see them to often in the yoyo world, especially in my collection.

Anyways enough jibber jabber…

When I saw this topic, I just knew that it had to be you who started it. I’m not too big a fan of the beige tone, especially when it’s over something awesome like ZvsZB. But still, if it grinds well, I guess it’s worth it.

Yeah, I’m not really a fan of this one.

I liked it, but there’s definaly more exiting things that came from you.

Now spritz here with some Amber, Brown, Cream And Beige we have the finished result…

I take back everything I ever said about that yo-yo. It’s amazing!

Much cooler! I like how its got a lighter color background, and it looks like 'dots" that make it darker.

Similar to a gung fu dyed by someone… I saw it in the mod section maybe a month ago. He use a sponge and spred glue on it and dabbed the yoyo with it. Then dyed it orange.

you should try doing masks on something, i know exactly what you mean by the “orange peel” effect, when we spray finish thats one of the most common problems we have (and its a pain to fix)

In Sunlight per a request.

Ok assembled and hanging in the garage to cure…

I do not paint the bearing seats there masked off, oh Flow Groove One Drop pads work awesome in CLYW. :slight_smile:

looks sorta like an orange, just like the finish :wink:

Well still not the best grinder but it is a cool paint job so who cares LOL…

Stock pic and a couple spinning pics.

wow…turned out to be far out ;D ;D

*wants to eat it, yummy yoyo orange"

You know Bret I like all of your paint jobs. Most of them just normal paint jobs. even the transitional paint. But this is Phenomenal! Very pretty! Now I know I want a few …I’ll be quiet now.

Wow, brett. that thing is absolutely amazing when it spins. I love the eggshell, I’m a painter as well and that is one serious touch on that yoyo. I hate orange, but you have to admire this. I love how everyone who said it was ugly at first are eating their words, nyuck nyuck nyuck