Tell me your favorite finishes


So here’s the scoop: I’ve been yoyoing for less than a year and own three yoyos. My bday and Christmas are a few months away and I’m looking for a couple additions to said collection.
I love grinds, but from spring to summer I have an abundance of humidity that gets in the way of grinding. Tell me your opinion about the nicest finishes for grinding. I’ve heard great things about general yo, xcube, and the candy blast but tell me your opinion! Thanks


The Pyramette tumbled finish from One Drop is my favorite, but it doesn’t do well in humidity. Also, the blast that YYF does is amazing.


Yoyotrap helium


The OrangePeel finish we did on a VERY small run of black 54. Need to find another vendor who can do it properly without ruining ENTIRE RUNS of yoyos. We did this finish on ONE nickel 54 and shipped it to a friend. It’s one of only two packages that the usps has every shipped into The Void.


That’s the 54 (the black one, not the missing nickel) that Paul shot for us for the Museum, I love that finish and would definitely like to see it again!


I’ve heard the CZM8 has the best grinding finish, IDK though

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The finish one the YYF Cypher is really good for grinds. Also the finish that CLYW uses is good too.

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General Yo finish and CLYW


General Yo’s finish


Soda blast+projection profile.


wasn’t there orange peel on some Y Factors too? Or am I making that up.

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Candy Blast by ILYY.


The finish on my SPYY Addiction always feels silky while grinding. Not sure if it has a technical name.

Also, the blast on the Bapezilla.2 is a treat, yet you have to polish the gap to prevent string eating.

I’ve heard the Bass Line 2 also has a great blast finish. It’s on my short list of future purchases.


I was a big fan of the Espionage/Sabotage finish YYF used.
Unfortunately that, and everything else that made YYF product awesome isn’t “up to their standards” anymore.


Can’t tell if it was you that didn’t like powder coats, but anyway, I think a matte white powder coat is more or less what they used. Feels very similar, that’s all I know. Anyway, my favorite finish has to be either flat ano powder coat, or whatever blast/ano Duncan and Aoda/Auldey use, so slick and smooth!


Bead blasted or Powder coated is my favorite. So smooth lol.


my czm8 did fine all summer,but i use my nails alot for grinds, so skin contact can make a diffrence but when some skin made its way onto the finish it never stopped it just slowed it down lil, but it did its deed all summer


Its actually a Teflon finish.

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On my General-Yo M10 the finish was great, but after a year of play the catch zone now has a weird glossy finish to it. Must be from adjusting string tension after all that time!

Still a cool finish though. Catches light nicely.