YoYo options, which,

So i’ve heard good and bads about each one so just to ask whihc do you prefer? Please do not spam or spazz saying “i hate these threads” or “Go choose your own”

Get the DV888!!! Plays as goods as, if not better than my 888.

get the… [shadow=red,left]dv888[/shadow]

HSpin Gorylla IMO. All I would recommend is a cleaned bearing, and you should be good to go :slight_smile:

I loved mine.

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I think DV888 is a good cheap metal yoyo, but if you have extra money go for the gorylla

I really like the raptor and I think it plays a little more smooth than my dv888

I know but the bearing needs to be changed if you want complete unresponsive

I can’t change the bearing cause I don’t have any and I don’t bother doing it so that leaves me:
Hspin Gorylla - Dv888. Which is more smoother on the string. Because I’m getting more expert-master, smoothness does matter. I also need it to grind well.

The HSPIN Gorylla is a smooth player. No experience w/the rest.

OK even IF i am getting the gorylla, where do i buy it? There’s like non anywhere

people also say gorylla can kill your thumb on grinds