YoYo Opinions


I’m looking at the Genesis w/ hubstacks or Superstar w/ hubstacks. I’m into string tricks and I want a nice spin time. I currently have a Dark Magic II, and I like it, but I want more balance and spin time. Suggestions? :slight_smile:


Both of those choices will be more stable, spin times are more about your throw though. Also both of those throws play way different. It would be hard to say which is more suited, since they are so different, in feel.


I would avoid hubstacks. All they do is add centerweight (which is bad most of the time), and the novelty wears off after a few weeks. However, both of these are extremely stable, the Genesis being more so. I’d either get the New Superstar, or wait for the next run of Genesis about to be released.

Also, could you go in to more detail about your preferences? Shape? Size? Floaty or Solid? etc.


Depends on your budget.

I like the SuperStar. I did not like the Genesis.

Unles you NEED stacks, don’t get them. They add vibe and will therefore reduce spin time a bit. Get the 2013 SuperStar without stacks, or the Equilateral, or if you can find it, the Champions Edition Superstar that lacks stacks(but has the posts)

The DM2 is fine. It’s well balanced and can spin a good long time. I suggest you just work on improving HOW you throw the yyoo. I easily get over 3 minutes off of the DM2.


I had a chance to try a hubstack Genesis at a contest recently, and I was pleasantly surprised. Though the hubstack Genesis is heavier, it seemed to actually play lighter on the string than the normal Genesis, perhaps due to the added center weight. Either way, the Genesis is a beast.


If you want stacks get the Madhouse EPIC, like… Now… It’s smooth, stable, and a beast at 1A, the stacks or as they call it, “ta tas” are just a bonus :wink:


If you are not married to getting one of those two I would recommend looking at the One Drop Chik. It has a great feel on the string and for $85 you are getting a Side Effect enabled throw so you will open yourself up to a greater level of customizability for you yoyo.


Thanks guys :). And to saintrobyn, what does the Side Effect do?


Side effects are a replaceable axle system. They come in different shapes, and hence different weights. What is neat about side effects is that by changing them out in a yoyo, you can change the performance characteristics of the yoyo.

I am fairly sure One Drop came out with the concept of side effects. They use them in I think over half of their yoyo designs. One Drop isn’t the only brand using side effects though. The Eternal Throw “Victory” also uses them, as well as the Toxic Strings Hazmat. I think ILYY did a model that uses side effects as well. I believe a few Anti-Yo yoyos also use side effects. Since side effects are inter-changable, you can buy any side effect and place them in any side-effect compatible yoyo.

For example:
My Toxic Strings HazMat is black/black with black spikes. I really want to swap out the black spikes for silver spikes. I have the silver spikes, I’ve just been too lazy to swap them out.

Via side effects, if you so desire, you can non-permanently alter a yoyo to meet your preferences. If you don’t like it, you can swap with different side effects or go back to what the yoyo came with. For me, I’m pretty pleased with the stock side effects the yoyos ship with. Even so, I do recommend buying some different side effects just for experimentation. Side effects tend to be under $20, most being around $11 or less. This seems to me like a fairly inexpensive way of altering a yoyo.


^^^What he said, I could not have said it better myself. :slight_smile:

Some additional info to clear up any confusion:

  1. Studio is correct, One Drop developed the concept of Side Effects.
  2. Many brands use them and all are interchangeable with each other. As long as it says it uses Side Effect it will work with any set on the market. David posted on the forums somewhere that they allow any company to use the Side Effect technology in their design, I do believe without a license fee, as long as they source the source the actual Side Effects from One Drop.

To give you an idea what the big deal is, the orange center spike on the Chik in this picture can be removed:

And then be replaced with any of the sets found here:
Side Effects