$110 to spend

Im thinking about getting the OD Dietz but I think i want to start using hubstacks so i was thinking the Genesis +. But i would like to hear other suggestions

I dont care about what the size is

Hubstacks are nothing special in my opinion. If the only thing you favor in the genesis is hubstacks i would probably go with the Dietz. Hub stacks look cool, but after 10 minutes they get boring

Don’t get a genesis plus. Get a Genesis. But even then, I reccomend the Dietz. It’s higher quality and has side effects.

well what do the side effects do?

Think of them as weights you put on a yoyo. But to answer you question: They allow you to change the weight of the yoyo.

I think you should just wait for werrd’s yoyos to drop next week. You can stack a split d or 4xl. you just need the stacks, bearings, and orings and you’re good to go.

hubstacks arent anything special. I spent 100 bucks on an 888 because i wanted the stacks. Get the dietz. But i still like my 888

Side effects are overrated. Uou will almost never change them and only keep one side effect for the time you own the yoyo

i change em every week…

Since you frequently change the side effects, in your opinion does it change the performance of the yoyo? I’m thinking of a 54 or a Code 1 fairly soon and I was thinking of also ordering a set of side effects with it for more options. If it can add a level of challenge due to altering the performance, it would make sense to me to help ensure I’m ON with stuff.

Hey Studio! How was SacAnime? I really do reccomend both of those, side effects rock. If you want to play light, you can. If you want to add legos, you can. The 54 is very light and floaty, while the Code 1 is more relaxed.

yeah, the feel chages alot, if you have the alum ultralights in, it zips across the string, if you have RSMs (hubstacks) in, its ULTRA heavy :smiley:

SacAnime was brutal for me, but the fans loved it, so it was worth it. The concerts rocked, and for me that’s what it was about, but I sure had lots of other stuff to do.

When it comes to the One Drop yoyos, the Code 1 looks nicer to me. What do you mean by relaxed? A bit easier to land? I’m looking for the one that would generally be easier to land tricks on, but at the same time, the secondary purpose for this yoyo is to be an example of a yoyo that uses side effects.

My only issue right now is YYE doesn’t have the side effects in stock. Oh well, that can always be resolved later.

By relaxed, I meant that the CODE1 isn’t as fast on the string and isn’t pushing you to go fast, where as the DIETZ is a beast of a competition yoyo designed to go really fast. Obviously if you change side effects play will be different, but it’s all relative. Don’t get me wrong, the CODE1 is still a beastly yoyo. Great for competitions. Both have HUGE gaps and the shapes are almost all catch zone. You shouldn’t have a problem landing them on the string.

I’m biased, but I think you should take a look at SPYY. Especially the ones with spikes if you want to practice holding the yoyo mid trick, or pull starting a yoyo. And they have a nice bead blast.

Aside from the other yoyos they are talking about I would definitly recomend the genesis, I don’t really know why people diss it alot. I have bought alot of yoyos that never out performed the genesis, the only one that did was the superstar. If you don’t do rejections then the superstar would be good but also keep in mind the genesis is wonderful.