best hubstack yoyo?


I’ve been wanting a good yoyo with hubstacks. Which one should i buy?


What do you want it to do?

the 888x is more of a chill yoyo
try the g5 for a great thow with hubstacks
the skyline and superstar are good, too, but i don’t have as much info on those.


Why don’t you tell us your preferences? We need to know what you like so we can recommend you a nice throw that suits your needs. There is no best yoyo, but the Madhouse Epic is a great stacked throw.


I like heavy, fast yoyos.


Genesis+ is very heavy and stable, speed isn’t axing though. G5 is heavier I’m pretty sure…

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Skyline IMO. Used to be my main throw, but then I tried full sized CLYW. Genesis w/ hubstacks is good as well. Actually so is the superstar… You can’t go wrong with most hubstack throws. The new catalyst seems good. But in all seriousness, hubstacks just become annoying after the honeymoon period. You stop using them completely.


Heavy and fast? Superstar is right up your alley.


Buy a SuperStar and a pair of Z-Stacks. Oh and the honeymoon period only applies to some people, I’ve been yoyoing with my hubstacks for two months and I still love them.


Same here. I don’t understand all of the hate for hubstacks. They don’t cause much noticable vibe and it’s always fun to pull start a yoyo.


The Recrev Sine//Saw :wink:


Don’t try to confuse him, the Sine//Saw is NOT a yoyo with hubstacks.


It doesn’t have YYF stacks.

But it has the Recrev Stax system which is way better


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Well, you obviously have neither tried a RecRev with the new STAX system and you also have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about.

STAX System is just an axle system bro. Like Side Effects.

yoyospirit summed it up pretty nicely with the wonderful picture he posted.

And seeing all these posts about yoyos with hubstacks is driving me insane. Stop. haha


Did you really think I was serious? Really? The Stax system is the same as Side effects, I KNOW.


Funny how when you were completely proven wrong, you decided to pass it off as sarcasm. Sarcasm or not, telling the OP the Sine//Saw has hubstacks is just being a jerk, you are purposely trying to confuse him.

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Look this isn’t the place to argue, Jeez calm down

And I wasn’t trying to confuse him it was obviously sarcasm can’t you realize?

And don’t you think calling me a Jerk was kind of rude? :wink:


First off, how many people can actually detect sarcasm through text? And second, it’s not rude, it’s being straight forward.


How do you block posters? There’s a few who i’d like to.