?? Yoyo miracle Kuyostar ??

Yoyo miracle Kuyostar Google it and figure it out…

Already have one.

Here’s the first of 5 photos. I’d like to take mine fully apart and clean all the components.

Enjoy the shots!

Does it have the rotating inside hubs?
How many bearings does it use 3?


That looks amazing!

The white parts appear to be delrin or celcon, and both of those spin independently of each other. The axle clearly goes from aluminum half to half, as the outer rims spin together. They don’t act like Z-stacks or ta-tas.

I’m guessing there’s 3 bearings inside in. The main bearing and one inside each spinning element.

You can snap start it. It is heavy though. I think it’s around 75 grams. Loads of fun too.

Sorry for necroing this thread, I just thought it was interesting that I found this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBdlimH5nWc

From a year ago. Does anybody know if King Yo Star sold the design, because I noticed they both have the same name.

Just got through with one a few minutes ago. Super fun, and works about as well as you could possibly imagine this concept working.

In general, it’s a very wide throw and quite heavy. Not so much in either way that it’s off-putting, but the weight will take a minute or two to get used to after you’ve been throwing a more traditional 66g metal. On the upside, it’s extremely stable, which makes it fun and rewarding to play even if you’re not utilizing the catch zone feature. Catch zone is extremely entertaining though, and I don’t know if popping it up from a mount in between my fingers, and throwing it back into play will ever truly get old.

Oddities/downsides…the graphics are oddly terrible. They’re very shaky around the edges and I would have just not even bothered. Other issue is that it can be quite loud. If you’re hitting the bearing dead-on with your string hits, not a problem, but when the catch zone gets touched it’s certainly not quiet as those plastics start to turn. It very literally “screams” when the catch zone is being fully utilized on a grind.

I was thinking about buying it when it dropped but to heavy for me:P I hope they make a lite version

Hmmm. . .

What did I do or fail to do?

I’m confused!

I love mine. I have had it almost since the release and it has grown on me so much. I got so used to it that I actually prefer the weight now. I prefer this throw over just about any at the moment. It can be tuned to be very smooth, it is extremely stable and capable of things that no other throw is capable of. The spinning catch zone actually makes it a little more stable because it causes less friction when the string rubs on them as oppose to a non-spinning catch zone. Just an amazing throw.

i really want one! i got to play with one and it was amazing!!!