Kuyostar by Yo-yo Miracle

Hey guys! I don’t know why I have never posted a video here yet, but this sounds like a great time to start. I really love this yo-yo! http://youtu.be/OW-mriad62s

The kuyostar looks really awesome! I kinda want to pick one up soon. How does the catchzone spin so freely is it just like a bearing insside or what?

Spins very similar to a Bearing Diabolo except it isn’t a one way bearing. I tried one at PNWR and regret not buying one on the spot.

Whole new world of trick possibilities with this!


Imagine the posts that are normally on the outside for hubstacks are on the inside and a bearing sits on the post the same way as hubs, but instead of hubs you have these pieces that make the catch zone. The response system does not spin with it if you are wondering about that like I was. It’s a very simple, but amazing idea.

I did buy one on the spot :wink: There are 3 bearings (2 for the spinning catchzone, and one for the yoyo itself) The spacer system is something different, I dont really know how to explain it. So heres a picture: