anyone throw the YYM Kuyostar?


I just bought one on the bst and wanted to know how y’all like it. Is it actually a good player? Or just cool because of the spinning hubs? Let me know what you think, thanks!


I’ve always wanted one, they look sick!


EditKuyostar Diameter 54mm. Width 48mm. Gap 4.65mm. Grams 75grams
At 48mm width and 75 grams it seems too wide and way too heavy for my liking. Still interested if it plays as a good yoyo without considering the catchzone gimmick…

I would think it should have a good amountof vibe but havent played one personally… but hubstacks i have pplayed some awesome yoyos that hubstacks were just a nice bonus, still it was an awesome yoyo without them, like my 888s, my stacked catalyst ect…,i have a feeling the , kuyostar isnt like this.,

This should prob be under the “looking for
help/recommendations” under the review section.

But anyways i have been curious too, prices range from.$50-75 on BST, please when u get it lmk bc im curious aswell…

I dont want it if its just a gimmick but if it pplays pretty well with minimal vibe and stuff i might wanna trade for one in the future if i can get a good deal on one, dont really wanna take a gamble since idk how they play yet…

Its also awfully wide, idk tge exact specs but it looks like the monster or superwide in terms of width! Which seems too wide for me.

Im curious too so lmk that would be awesome! :slight_smile:

(CaribouNick) #4

Like any hub-stacked yoyo’s, the additional bearings will eat away at the spin time real quick.
Also, it’s unconventionally wide.

Pure gimmick. I didn’t like it when I threw the prototype.