Superstar Review by AFrozenYetiBaby

A week and a half ago eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Jensen Kimmit Superstar I checked the mailbox to see if my beloved package arrived to my dismay it had not. I drove up my driveway dragged myself into my house only to see the package awaiting me on the table. I nearly jumped for joy, but made a b-line for the table.

Now lets get to the review. When I opened the box there it was in the standard yyf premium packaging. The response system is green silicone pads, that combined with the stock centertrac bearing it comes with it plays completely unresponsive out of the box. As far as looks go this yoyo looks amazing the lightning design looks cool and appears as a white blur when spinning. The yoyo has the standard H-shape it at first feels awkward in your hand, but this will soon fade and you will fall in love with it. When it comes to playability this yoyo imo plays excellently its smooth and very stable. It can play fast or slow and handles both very smoothly. When Grinding the groove finish imo grinds better than my 888x. Thumb grinds are good if you take the hubs off. The yoyo is kind of heavy, but it can preform whips and slacks just as well as any of my other yoyo’s. The hubstacks aren’t my favorite because they are recessed into the yoyo too much so it can be hard to hold onto them without touching the actual yoyo.




Gap Width-5.22mm


Bearing-Size C

So if you are on the fence about buying this yoyo imo you should get one preferably with the groove finish. It is an excellent throw and an even better player. I hope this review helped. Keep throwing my friends :wink:

Awesome review. You went into depth, but it wasn’t like 10 paragraphs lol.

yeah i know somestart to get boring after a while although the intro did kinda drag on