kuyostar problem

Hey everyone, im having an issue with a kuyostar i just got in a trade. both sides spin great when its taken apart, but even if i screw the halves together loose it seizes one side up and makes a high pitch kinda squeal…itll only spin a few times when flicked with a finger. it seems like a longer axle would fix it, but im wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if there are parts out there at all? thanks in advance!

Its unlikely to be an axle problem, more probably the bearing seats of the hubstack bearing.

It looks to be pretty mint and no contact between the delrin and aluminum. i think its the purple bearing seat that holds the center bearing. i say that because when i switch it to whatever side itll cause the problem to occur on the side its on. ill try and get a pic of the seat.

I hate to necro an old thread, but did you ever find a solution to this? I have the same issue with my Kuyostar

Have you tried switching out the bearing for another one? I’ve had a bearing that would spin freely on a pencil but wouldn’t spin freely regardless of whichever yo-yo I put it in. It would also produced a loud high-pitched sound whenever I used that bearing.