Axle sound?

Hey, I was wondering if the axle would be able to make sound while it’s spinning.

The most recent yoyo I purchased came with what looks like a pretty bad axle. It’s a black/brown looking color, and seems to have more movement space inside either half of the yoyo. I was popping a KK in the throw to see if that would have quieted the sound down, but I still got a similar sound.

Any suggestions or ideas besides buying another axle? Is it my axle, or am I just losing it today?

Thanks in advance!

Make sure both halves of the yoyo are screwed in pretty tight. If its a buzzing like noise it’s possible the halves are spinning apart.

In theory…

The axle shouldn’t make a sound. They should be screwed down tight. Any sound should be coming from the bearing.

It’s definitely tight. I wouldn’t throw without such confidence :stuck_out_tongue:

I had experienced squeaking with one of my other axles, but I found out that was regular. Just wasn’t sure on these circumstances. Maybe I’ll switch axles out from another throw just to try…

Make sure it’s the right size.

What throw is it?

It is a Werrd Poo. I was quite excited to try it out, but if it screams like this with any bearing I put in, I’m not too sure how much I’m going to enjoy it :stuck_out_tongue:

Lube your bearings if it’s too loud. Some yoyos tend to amplify bearing noise.

That was exactly the problem :smiley: Just threw in another bearing and it’s very quiet now. Thanks for the help!

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