Need help !

My circle in my spacers on my dienasty were sort of out of shape( deformed). When i tried pushing the spacers + bearing into where the axle is, it would not go in. So i stupidly decided to put the 2 parts of the yoyo together and push it in with all force. did it work ? Yes. But… my axle is messed up. Its loose now, and if i shake the side of the yoyo with the axle i can hear and feel something moving like something broke. What is it ? , how can i fix it ? should i be worried ?

Also, it plays fine, but i still want to know what it is.

Leave all the bs stuff aside, such as " Your so stupid for doing that" etc.

It’s good if the axle’s loose. If it plays fine, it’s all good…

The shakign is just the bolt. When you screw it together nothing should shake because the bolt should be held in place.

Something actually BROKE OFF inside the yoyo thats why something is shaking.