Medic Needed Here Please!!


So my ShaqlerStar have been acting up lately, I opened it few days back and the bearing came out with BOTH metal plates from the inner sides (in pic) but I didn’t know how to fix it, and I didn’t wanna mess with it so I just put it back together, but today I opened it again and EVERYTHING came out, even the axel! ???

Also, I’ve always noticed a dent to the outside of the it on only ONE side of the yoyo, and looking at it, it seems cracked >:( (the other side is completely flat and smooth) but I also don’t know what to do ! so I left it so i wont make it worse!

Extra info:
I never took out both metal plates, and I never removed the axel. I only took the bearing out ONCE for cleaning!

The crack on the outside seemed to be from the side where the axel has a whole. That’s what I realized after everything came apart!

Needing: I don’t know which sides are which, and where it would go, is there a way to fix this? or is my yoyo ruined? If it is please tell me so I won’t bother with it! :frowning:

I’d really appreciate any help you guys can provide!

Here are some pictures!

I don’t know how to fix it, but that happened to me once with a DM. I overtightened it, probly what happened to that. Try to stop tightening the yoyo as soon as you feel resistance. Soory I can’t help more. Though my guess would be to put locktite on the axle. google search locktite, it works wonders for axle problems. It will probly have vibe, but you will still be able to play it. vibe just gives character ;D

Please describe “acting up”. What exactly is it doing that you don’t think it should?

The spacers being stuck to the axle is not a big deal, happens a lot. The axle comes out as well, no big deal, unless it doesn’t screw back in right. Can you get a better picture of the crack? It’s not evident in the ones shown.

What I mean is before I used to get a clean throw with unnoticeable vibe, if any. but now there’s vibe in every throw, and I mean EVERY! sometimes it even wobbles once it’s on the string.

is there a specific way to put the spacers or specific side?
I can only get one of them off, I don’t think the other one is supposed to come out? or is it?!

I tried to get the best angle I can about the crack, it’s not an actual CRACK, it’s more like a chip! I circled it!

Regarding the spacers - they can be hard to get off, but they will if you work at it. Some people use a thumb tack, a small screw driver or a butter knife. Sometimes it takes some force. If they don’t come off, just leave them be.

The damage to the cap is minimal, there should be no effect.

Vibe/wobble - since you have the axle out check to see that it’s not bent. Roll it on a flat surface and see if it rolls smoothly. If it flops a bit it’s probably bent and needs to be replaced. Take the yoyo to a hardware store and look for a set screw that fits. It’s probably a 4mm x .7 mm pitch set screw, 25 mm long. If you can’t find one buy a regular 4mm x .7 mm pitch screw that’s longer and cut the head off. Smooth the cut end with a coarse stone or fine file.

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You must have said the axle thing like 400 times!

Well, the next question after “replace the axle” is “where to get one”…

It’s fine. Just put everything back in, and screw the yoyo together tightly, until the two black arrows on the rims of the yoyo are lined up.

Thanks everyone !! my axle is not bent and one of the spacers came out, im not too sure if the other one should! because on my Protostar it doesn’t, so yeah! I put the yoyo back together, it plays fine, but not as good as it used to so yeah! oh well ! I’m going to be getting TWO new ones, a delrin and a Metal, I’ll be posting a thread soon in the Rec. section so I’d love all of your inputs!

thanks again! :smiley: