Northstar Axle Prob


Today my Northstar was dented from the axle[I think it didn’t close right or was overtightened] Should I fix it or leave it alone what? :-\ Please help!


The axle bent? Is that what you mean?


if axle is bent, get another axle. duh. if its something more serious like the bearing seat is crooked, contact the customer support at if you think the yoyo is unrepairable, then get another one. but don’t throw it out. ill take it :wink:


You mean the cap got a bump thing from the axle, right? This happened to me, just leave it or screw the axle all the way threw to make a hole and rip off the attached plastic.

(WildCat23) #5

How do you take the spacers out from the half?


Needle nose pliers.

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Wouldn’t that dent them?



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I just take a screw driver, stick it in there, then just pry it out by wiggling it. but needle nose pliers defiantly are not a bad idea either…


Im not sure what happened (my brother was using it) but it seems the axle is pushing out,hard to explain, but its pushing out so the cap has a pimple like thing on the cap. i tried to push it down but the axle wont go down its just stuck so i was wondering is there a way to fix it or i just have to leave it.


Sounds to me like it’s over tightened… A picture would help the explanation, but pliers might do the trick…

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Just leave it. I have the same thing on mine. It doesn’t do anything.


I think i might just do this but how am i supposed to remove it with pliers?


like i said… i cant see whats wrong, only imagine it based on your discription… and i was refering to using the pliers to grip the axle


hmm i guess i could try that, btw i dont have a camera so i couldnt take a pic of it


ok i tried to get the axle out but it wont come out. Any tips on getting the axle out


I understand… I went a while without a camera… Even now all I have is a NDS


This happened to me, but I purposely tightened the axle (in an attempt to tune it). What you want to do is wrap a few layers of paper towel around the axle (so it doesn’t get stripped) and use pliers to screw it out. Of course if the side with the hole in it was sticking out you could just use an appropriate sized Allan key.