northstar problems




sorry, I don’t really want to watch a 5 minute video of someone complaining…



you probably overtightened it. at 2:20 ish it looks like the axle is pushing on the hub…


It looks like that, but the axle was really tight when it came, and the dents on the cap like that were there too. I spent like another hour tuning it, but there’s still vibe. It’s not as insane as before, but it’s not exactly perfect.


4 minutes

It’s not just a meaningless rant. I wanna find out if this happened to anybody else or if I just got a crappy one. Don’t hate.


It looked ok from your video.

If it had a problem when it was new, that was the time to contact the retailer or manufacturer. If you have any doubt modifications like staining the yoyo void all warranties.
There is no need to remove the axle from a whatever you have done to the axle will not effect the performance of the yoyo and probably cause the damage to the caps. They are hand tested at the factory prior to shipping. Everyone ships smooth. The indicators are only added after it has been tested smooth. The most critical part to maintaining the smooth performance of this and any other yoyo we make with this spacer system is to take care when assembling and disassembling the yoyo. The fit between spacer and body is critical. In your video there is signs of damage to this part of the yoyo. In construction there is nothing different between Northstar and Protostar other than the rims contain a little more weight, which will emphasize and compromise of precision.

With that all said, and after telling you you have done almost everything wrong you could do, I’m going to invite you to do what you should have done first… Send an email to

I guarantee the person who answers the emails there will be in a better mood than me… And I apologise for being a grump in this post too :slight_smile:


My internet connection has been crappy recently and was down most of the day. It’s still sketchy, so I’m not about to watch a 5 minute video, when I can read a posting.
(Similarly, I dislike BST posts done via video. A picture saves me a lot of time, as does text. If you can video, you can photo, take a still from your video!)

Really? You hand test each one and then mark them? Man, that’s just cool beyond words. It’s nice to see that kind of hand touch in this day and age of mass produced plastic stuff.

Oh, and I have a Protostar, Northstar, PGM and glowing Dienasty that all use these marks. The all play great and I really enjoy them. Not to go off topic, but is there any chance the DieNasty will come back in original colors? I’d love to get a blue one. My Protostar came to me gently used and wasn’t that great at first, but I noticed the arrows not lined up to well. They didn’t seem to want to move closer. I took the yoyo apart and put it back together, the line up just fine. The last bit does take a bit of effort, which in my opinion seems normal.

(I have other YYF’s as well, but they aren’t applicable to this conversation. All I need to say is I like them and leave it at that).


Eh. I tuned and finagled most of the vibe out and now it’s playing about normal. I can’t see the vibe but it’s more felt on the string than actually seen. This is good. It also reduced from a Pulse sort of thing into just a low buzz. I’m fine with the play right now, and I just might superglue the Axle in place where it is now. Also, has anybody ever successfully removed the caps? I wanna try it but it might end really bad. Anyone ever try it? Btw thanks guys for the input.

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How do you take off the spacers and axle? My spacers seem stuck in place, which is ok.


When I took my Northstar and Protostar apart, the spacer on the one side stays in the yoyo until I lightly tap and it falls out. The other, I remove the bearing using a puller and it seems to want the spacer to come with it. Kind of a pain. But, I rarely need to open it up.


I used a butter knife to pry it but that left a mark in case you dont want marks.


Cap removal? Is it possible? I wanna know cuz I hate he caps. Anybody try?


I think it’s possible. I’ve seen someone convert them into hubstacks before.
not sure how to do it though.


They’re sonic welded on to the yoyo, so unless you have a lathe there probably not coming off soon.

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I meant my spacers are stuck in the yoyo half.


Needle nose pliers are your friend.

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I tried that and succeeded in putting a dent in it.


How did you pull? It worked well for me.