Weird Northstar issue...

I realize that by now there have been several posts regarding the Northstar. A great yoyo, but evidently prone to issues.

I was unscrewing my yoyo to untie a knot (I realize this is neither recommended nor advised) but this was a really stubborn knot. So I unscrewed it, undid the knot, put it back together, but trying really hard not to over tighten it. I guess I failed though, because the next throw was incredibly vibey, so I took it apart again and sure enough, the spacer had stuck itself to the axel, away from the bearing seat (but still on top of the bearing, to my frustration) so now it is stuck. It still kind of works, but it is really vibey and just doesn’t have a very nice feeling to it. I tried pliers, and so far nothing has worked. Any thoughts, aside from contacting YYF?

Throw that sucker into the freezer for about 20 minutes unscrewed. Then pull it out and try pliers again, the metals will shrink at different speeds which should cause you to be able to easier remove the spacers/bearing. If that doesn’t work, contact the store you purchased it from, they should have a customr service section that will no doubt aid you. If you got it from here just shoot Andre an email or PM or call them, he can be really understanding and will help you in anyway possible :smiley: