Northstar axle denting cap


When I line up the arrows on my Northstar, the hex end of the axle is putting pressure on the cap and causing a slight outward dent. It plays relatively smoothly this way, but the area around the dent already looks stressed and I’m worried the cap will eventually crack. If I under tighten it to where the cap isn’t pressed out, it’s way too vibey. Does anyone know of a fix for this? Thanks!


I have one like this. It cracked, but still plays okay. I emailed YYF about it though, and I got another. But the second one had the same problems also…


It is common after over tightening a northstar.


Unscrew the yo-yo. If the half with the dented cap does not have the axle stuck to it, use a hex key to screw the axle in a bit. If the half with the dented cap does have the axle stuck to it, use a hex key to unscrew the axle a bit.

The arrows have nothing to do with how the yo-yo should be tightened, but are instead reference points to how it should be tuned.


Thanks for the replies. When I unscrew the yoyo, the dented side comes off exposing the hex end of the axle. I previously tried tightening the axle a bit more, but it’s pretty well bottomed out in the other half of the yoyo. Without any tape, it’s tuned best when the arrows are lined up. I’ll take a look at the link and see if those instructions help. Thanks again.