Flight Axle

I got a new Flight yesterday, but the end of the axle was dented.


When I screw it on all the way it isn’t very tight, will this be a problem and should I ask yoyoexpert for a new axle?

Does the yoyo itself tighten ok? If so, it’s working as intended. A dent in the end of the axle should not have any effect. Contact the store directly if you need to.

I don’t see anything wrong with the axle from the picture. When you screw it on all the way it isn’t tight? Is it possible to tighten it more?

When I screw the two halves together and have the arrows match, I can still tighten it about 1/8 of a turn more before it is tight.

I went outside to play with the flight a bit and after it hit the ground a few times I noticed that it was crooked, when I unscrewed it a bit and screwed it back on it was fixed, but after a few more hits it was slightly crooked again and vibed a lot. Is this caused by the dent in the end of the axle, or because the yoyo wasn’t screwed on tight enough?

When an offstring yo-yo hits the ground it can loosen. Just tighten it back together and keep on throwing.

The more it hits the ground, the greater the chance of gaining some vibe too. Vibe is not a big deal, offstring yo-yos are meant to be played and dropped and scuffed up. As long as it’s working there’s nothing to worry about.