Yoyo manufacturer mascot.

what do you think the mascots are?
Id have to say:
yoyojam: Dark Magic
Yoyofacory: 888
clyw:(you answer)
Spyy:(you answer)
tomkuhn:(you answer)
duncan:(you answer)
A bunch more munufacturers too just add what you think the mascots are

yyj dark magic
yyf idk maybe superstar
spyy pure
kuhn- SB 2
duncan FH0
general yo- hatrick

General-Yo is NOT the Hatrick, lol. It has to be the 5Star. The Hatrick isn’t even out.

YYJ is the DM now, but in the old days it was the HM.
YYF: Premium: 888, Evolution: Velocity or PGM, Fundametal: Dv888
CLYW: Peak

ok, but it will probably be
they are amazing!
i tried one
now i need to get one lol

Yoyojam: Dark Magic
Yoyofacory: 888
Spyy: Radian V1
Tomkuhn: No Jive 3 in 1

never would of thought of the butterfly…

i agree with that compleately, but imperial and butterfly could be close

What I thought! But maybe the SPYY would be an addict.

YYJ: Dark Magic and NXGs
YYF: 888
CLYW: Peak
Duncan: Imperial

I think we all pretty much agree, lol.

Duncan: Freehand Zero. Looking away from the screaming eagle line, this is the Duncan yoyo people use on a daily basis.

but a mascot is a figure head that is the meaning behind a companey or group. Duncan built their empire off of selling butterfly’s and imperials, not fh0’s. and i think that spyy’s is the radian series

guys getting bored? fell free to add more manufacturers

is the dark magic that good compared to a hitman or x-convict? why is it the mascot then?

High number of sales for some reason.

Id like to say its better but the reason its the mascot imo is because its the most popular yoyo by yyj. because the team captain made it

YoYoJam- Dark Magic
YoYoFactory- 888, dv888
SPYY- Skyy Chaser
OneDrop- Project 2
Duncan- Imperial

These are the yo-yo’s I think when the brand comes to mind.

so you recommend the dark magic over a yyj hitman or x-convict, which are about the same price?

well i would, but thats in my opinion. Plus you cant judge a yoyo by its price. Look at the metal zero. its 30 bucks and responsive. i often see people modding them

YoYoJam: Dark Magic
YoYoFacory: 888
CLYW: Peak
Spyy: Pure
Duncan: Imperial!

A mascot is a person/animal/object used to represent a group with a common public identity.

Today, the Freehand line is a staple in the Duncan brand. Most Duncan throwers throw Freehand Zeros (again look away from the screaming eagles).

Even if Duncan did start out with the Imperial and Butterfly, that’s not what one associates with good Duncan yoyos. Say the word good Duncan yoyo and someone will answer: “Sili’d Freehand Zero”.