YoYo maintenance and questions

What are stacks?


A device used on yoyos to hold them while spinning.

Stacks are a pile of yoyos with one yoyo on top of another.

How do I clean my Bearings?
What is the best lube to use?

first de shield the bearings, second put your bearing in 100% acetone or paint thinner and wait 2- 10 minutes, third take out the bearings and dry with compress air or blow dry it, last lube with v4m lube or any thin lube also make sure use a pin sized ammount of lube. But my preffences that I run my bearings dry.

I cleaned my bearing in mineral spirits but it is still super loud is the bearing just bad or what.

Could be that there’s some grit in there. Are you deshielding before soaking? If it’s not grit, you probably just need a tiny bit of lube to smooth things out a bit.


Also, just soaking them isn’t going to cut it if there’s grit. You need to agitate them in the liquid.

I took of the sheild and what is grit i just bought v4m lube

like dirt or gunk in the bearing, also what bearing you are cleaning?

just the bearing that came with my metal zero

Get a Jar with a top, fill it up with Acetone Paint Thinner or Lighter Fluid, make sure you put in enough to cover your bearing. Drop it in Without the shields on each side. Put the top on and shake it and rattle it and swish it around for a few minutes. Then let it sit for 5-10 mins. Then take it out and put it on a pen, and spin it with your finger. Then dry it completely.

Set it in your yoyo, get your V4M lube and take the top off of it, get a Pin or Needle and dip it in the lube. Do this once or twice. The spin it until it is smooth.

If it isn’t smooth add a little more lube with your pin.

Not sure I’d use a pen. Acetone will dissolve many kinds of plastic… no great reason to find out if this is such a one. :slight_smile:

A chopstick works great!

If your not using acetone.

bearing that comes with any cheaper Duncan’s has a lot of grease in it so it would take a couple of time to clean it.

doesnt the lube come in a drip bottle not something you dip it in

Yes. Liquid lube comes in a dropper bottle. Pop the dropper tip out for dipping. It’s generally not difficult. You could also start to squeeze the lube out and then pick it up with a long pin or needle, but you risk wasting a lot of lube if you do this a lot.

Yes they come in one of these http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4129/4968780591_f536c67b53.jpg(If you get One Drop V4M)

But the little dropper top puts to much lube in a bearing. You need to use a LOT less.

So to put less (and have your lube last years and years) you need to take the top off and stick a needle in the liquid lube and touch it to the bearings. That’s about all you need.

But, you can use the spout, but it will come back to your hand for a while.

And if you use a drop from the spout, it won’t last very long.

I I STRONGLY ADVISE you to watch this. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wmIJB7_K7P4

“One drop is all you need,” says One Drop yoyos. I agree with Bcmaddog that even less is probably better, but nobody ever ruined their setup by adding a single drop of VM4. It can and will break in relatively quickly on a freshly-cleaned bearing.

Even a full drop per bearing and that bottle is going to last you a looooooong time.