hubstack lubing

my pgm v2 hubstacks sound really loud when i use them
it is what it sounds like wen a bearing in my other yoyos need to be lubed

so do i need to lube it?
if so how do i

1.yes (thin lube)
2.pop off the hubstack take off the oring slide the bearing off take the c-clips off take off shield lube and reverse

You don’t need to remove the shield to lube a bearing. You do however need to take off the stack like he said. after you remove the stack just drop a small amount on the bearing shield. Do the same on the other side. Let it sit for a twenty seconds or so. The lube will run past the shield and get into the bearing.
This way you don’t need to worry about trying to take the bearing off much less the the shield.

Once the lube has sat there spin the bearing with your finger a few times then wipe of the excess.
Repeat on the other side and viola. Put stacks back on and you are done.