hubstack bearings

what happen if we clean the bearing of the hubstack?should we lube it afterwards?

thats how u clean the bearing and in this video he says he cleaned them

Yeah, I cleaned my bearing for my stacks, and it is perfectly fine. I recommend you clean it first though.

Yes. You should. But after you clean and dry it to make sure it doesn’t mess with your polycarbonate if it is a plastic yoyo. Then place lube on a needle and apply it that way so you dont over lube it :smiley:



You can over lube a yoyo ???

yes you can defenently overlube a yoyo

Too much thin lube and your yoyo gets responsive. Too much thick lube and your yoyo is a looper.


Yes - when you clean it get a needle drop the lube onto the needle the put it inside the balls inside of the bearings so you don’t over lube them.

If you do overlube them it will get responsive or a looping yoyo like rsmod said.