uh oh (cleaning)

so I recently had to put some lube in a bearing but didn’t take out the bearing or cleans it in lighter fluid if I play it enough will it go back to normal?

(please don’t ream me for incorrect cleaning)

What do you mean by ‘go back to normal’?

Please further explain what happened. I would love to help, but I have no idea what exactly happened. Did you over-lube the bearing or lube the bearing while it was sitting in the bearing seat and now the yoyo is responsive?

If it is responsive due to overlubing, it should go back to unresponsive after enough play. I’m not so patient, so when I overlube, I usually take out the bearing, deshield clean in acetone and start over. All you need is the smallest drop of thin lube.

That said, I’ve read that gyroscopic flops break in lube faster, but, I don’t remember if it was explained why


How can we ream you for incorrect cleaning when it sounds like you didn’t clean it at all, in fact it’s hard to tell exactly what you did by your post.

sounds like he just dropped lube on his bearing without even taking it out of the yoyo… That’s what I got from his message. I did post a pic by pic on how to clean your bearing if you don’t know how to do that, or if your unsure how much lube to use, their is a pic in my thread I made that shows you that too… I don’t think anyone here is going to down you for not cleaning it. but who knows. But anyways, from what I read, I’m guessing your just put lube in the bearing without taking it out of the yoyo… and you are now wondering if you play with it enough should it go back to how you had it before you put lube in it right?

Well it should become unresponsive again if you keep playing it but it’ll take a while. Best way is to remove the bearing, then open the bearing shield by prying the thin “c” clip. Then dip it in lighter fluid or acetone.