Please help FAST!!!Yo-Yo got overlubed

Hello.So i just got a new unresponsive yo-yo.So i lubed the bearing (YYF Thin lube).I wasn’t sure how much lube there was so i kept puting more.Now there was too much lube.When i spinned the bearing with my finger it was spinning for a second.Before that it was spinning much longer so i knew it would affect spin time.I keep trying to get the lube off but this isn’t helping.What should i do?

Clean the bearing and start over. I prefer a small jar with denatured alcohol, shake it for a few minutes, remove and dry the bearing (compressed air works best/fastest). Then add a tiny drop of lube (think smaller than the head of a pin).

I don’t have any of these items.Could i dry it with a dryer?Also sometimes it comes back to my hand.

Just play it like that for a couple weeks if it doesn’t bother you.

Or just clean it like Chimera said.

I play responsive a lot.

Drying it won’t remove the lube you’ve put in there. As Someone said, you could just play it like that for a few weeks and the lube will eventually break down and become less responsive again.

are there any other ways of getting rid of the lube?

Cleaning is the only way to “get rid” of lube.

Yes i know but can you clean it in any other way?

Sorry for double post but i just got denaturated alcohol (At least i think, it’s a bottle with purple liquid).But could you provide more steps on how to clear it with that?Because it’s my first time.

put some in a small jar/container, something with a lid you can shake and that you won’t need to use again for something else later. Put in a small amount of the liquid, enough to cover the bearing. drop the bearing in, shake for a while. Take the bearing out and stick it over the pointy end of a pencil. Spin it by hand or blow with compressed air if you have it. Repeat if the bearing is still responsive.

Doesn’t work.

Paint thinner works well for bearing cleaning also.

How do you mean it doesn’t work?

Nvm everything is working.

Keep doing Gyroscopic flop the lube will thin out

Just play with it awhile, it will get unlubed. Also buy YYJ thin lube, it will make your yoyo as unresponsive as possible, even if you’ve over lubed the bearing with another lube.

Take a multi tool and attache the bearing spin it. Check every few minutes to se if it it is unresponsive

Bad advice. It can cause premature bearing failure.

Clean it in a solvent such as lighter fluid, acetone, alcohol or mineral spirits as noted by others.