Over Lubing


So I believe my problem could have arisen from a number of things, but one thing I am certai of. So I received a new yoyo (yyf shutter) yesterday as well as a new bearing. I decided to take out the bearing from the shutter and put in the unshielded 10 ball. I then took the bearing from my shutter and decided to put it in my yyf whip. It started making some noise so then I decided to lube it. I put 2 drops on each side of the bearing and then dried it on a tissue paper. I now realize that I put way too much lube and I also think that the tissue paper was not a great idea either because of small particles most likely getting in the bearing. Now my whip is extremely responsive which I don’t want. Now, do I have to take the bearing apart to clean it in order to undo the over lubing or will it kind of just dry up in time and go back to normal? I also over lubed the old bearing and dried with a tissue so now I don’t know if I just damaged 2 bearings or if can save them. Any help is appreciated thanks!

you can clean it, yeah, or you can play with it for some time for a same result…
I doubt that tissue did anything, no worries

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Clean it. That much lube will possibly never break in. Save yourself the aggravation. Cleaning isn’t hard.

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