yoyo lube

would trumpet lube wok like thin lube?

Depends. If you’re using valve lube, then yes. If you’re using slide lube(for the various tubes), then no.

The thing is, some valve lubes are hard on plastics, although many modern trumpets use a bit of plastic in the valve assembly, mostly in regards to the guide insert that is often at the bottom of the spring in a top-spring assembly, as opposed to most cornets that use a bottom spring that isn’t attached to the valve itself.

There are other suitable lubes. The main thing is that it is clear and very watery, such as certain machine lubes, sewing machine lube and others.

I still recommend proper lubes, but if you don’t want to pay extra for shipping, yes, you have options. The way I see it, I don’t want to pay for shipping on specific items, such as strings, bearings, response replacements and lubes. What I do is since i’m going to buy a yoyo, I just add these items to the order. Since I already have to pay for shipping for the yoyo, it’s like I get the rest with free shipping.

Thanks, I will do that when i get my next yoyo. ;D

Gun lube, fishing reel lube, instrument oil, 3-in-1 all work fine if you don’t have any yoyo lube.
YYJ thin lube will not make it more responsive. YYJ thick or yomega brain lube will.

You can get the same thing as yomega brain lube at Radio Shack or the hardware store:
It’s a synthetic, teflon based lube Made by Synco, sold under the Radio Shack Label. Sold under their own label it’s known as Synco Super Lube.