bearing lube

i bought a few yoyos for christmas and didnt buy anymore lube becasue i have a bottle, but i have misplaced it. does anyone know if valve oil for a trumpet/trumbone will work for the bearing? i dont want to damage it and im not sure what else to use cuz im not ordering anything else for a while.

i dont suggest it because the bearing might soak up some of it causing it to lock up but im not sure of trombone oil never tried if you do test on only one and tell me if it does work

It will work fine. Just be sure to use it sparingly.

Slide oil is a tiny bit thicker than valve oil. It has to travel more so it needs to be ever so slightly thicker. In a pinch, they are interchangeable in trumpets and trombones. I would prefer valve oil if I had to pick one. I forget what I am using. I think All-Cas or something like that. But, we’re talking my “spit” wasn’t compatible with a few other brands of valve oil.

I know a lot of players that just use water on their trombone slide and trumpets on their valves. I prefered oil on my valves.

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Musical instrument oil will work just fine, as will Synco Super Lube, gun oil, fishing reel oil and good old 3-in-1. You can get Synco Super lube at the hardware store or at Radio Shack.

Super Lube comes in a handy oiler tube and looks like this:

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Oil is oil no matter what you call it. Some is thick some is thin
and a bunch in between

I just run my bearings dry. I know this isn’t good in the long run, but that initial responsiveness is just a pain. literally sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:
valve oil is what people used before companies started selling yoyo specific lube. Also fjh ^ sells dry lube, which is supposed to be pretty great. I think it’s about 5 bucks on ebay.

I’ve lubed some of my yo-yos with trumpet valve oil, and they work great. However, if you have a yo-yo that has some plastic to it (such as full plastic yo-yos or bi-metal yo-yos like the Dark Magic), then the valve oil might attack (burn, melt, damage, etc.) the plastic because it contains petroleum distillates. Unless of course your yo-yo is made out of celcon, which is chemical resistant. If you have a full metal yo-yo, then you’re okay.

How sloppy of a job do you do that it would splash all over the plastic shells. On the other hand, I’ve never seen this happen in any event with petroleum derived lubes. But then if you use sparingly…

Oil does nothing to plastic nor anything else I can think of.
It comes in plastic tubes???

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