If you play a brass instrument, (besides trombone) then your valve oil works perfectly the speed up bearings! Just thought I should throw that out there!

I play trombone and use slide oil and it works wonders too. (Its the exact same stuff)

Oh wow nice, I thought that stuff was thicker

Maybe I don’t get out much but I always thought instrument oil was all the same. The guy that used to service my daughter’s flute and my son’s trumpet always used the same stuff on both, as well as gave me a bottle.

NOt only that but people have been using this type of stuff for Years and years.

last time i used valve oil on my yoyo, it was a little thick, but it broke in after a few days

jhb8426; I think it’s one kind for trombone slides, and another kind for everything else.

Anyone tried “Blue Juice”?
(If anyone’s counting I play cornet in a British style brass band (all brass, no woodwinds)
Have Fun,

me too

i play trumpet and i have super slick valve oil. That should work right?

I have a trombonist in my class and I did borrow some of his slide oil, worked great. It’s all pretty similar.

v4m is perfection i tried both kinda similiar

Wow, that is a good idea. Wish I had thought of it before I bought the special stuff.

I did play trombone for years though and the best stuff for your slide is not valve oil.

We always used Pledge for marching horns and Cold Cream with a little spray water bottle for the good horns.

OMG i do thA 2 ;D

So is the valve oil more like the a thin oil that will make it less responsive (still more than a clean bearing I assume) or is it more like the thick oil that will make it more responsive?

If the lube reacts like water, (is as thin as) then it’s just fine.

i play trumpet and have blue juice, havent tride it but will right now, and i also got silicone on the yoyo so im hoping it will work. the yoyo i siliconed and am puttin the stuff on is the yomega dash