what can I use for a subtitute for lube?

I can’t buy anything online unless my bro from the navy is here, so I can’t buy lube.

trumpet oil/ slide/ key. i hear sewing machiene oil works too

trumpet oil, valve oil, or sewing machine oil all work well for thin lube.
3 in 1 works well for thick lube.
You can get the music oils from probably any music store, and the 3 in 1 from like a walmart or home depot.

i tried 3 in 1, it’s good for thick lube, i put in one drop on a needle and put it in, REALLY responsive, now i cleaned it and i play dry,

Not necessarily trumpet oil, any piston instrument valve oil (maliphone, tuba baritone etc.)

Trumpet oil is fine.

Yea but when he goes to the music shop, the bottle won’t say " trumpet valve oil" it will say piston oil, so I was clearing uP that it’s not just trumpet

hmm, the bottle i have says trumpet…

The stuff I use, not sure if it would be considered thick or thin, is in a spray can. It’s called “Liquid Wrench” and uses some chemical called Cerflon. I’ve used this stuff on my skateboard bearings after they felt too dry and had amazing results, rolled forever. Yoyo bearings become silent and smooth but are responsive for a couple days. It’s not like the thick goop that comes loaded in Duncan bearings. I just give the bearings a light squirt or spray some in a small soda bottle cap and barely dip the bearing in.