Hey brass players.

Have you ever tried putting valve oil in a bearing? I just got some after recently getting into yoyoing. I’m just curious if anybody tried this. Or is t even effective.

Trumpet valve oil is my go-to thin lube nowadays.

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I used valve oil for the longest time until I lost my bottle of valve oil.

Yeah. Al cass works great.

valve oil or sewing machine oil have been used for a long time as thin lube
3 in 1 oil is a common thick lube

I thought this was about brass side-effects for a second.

Hmmm i might do this , i play trombone so slide oil is more similar to bearing lube

Have you tried FAST valve oil?

I play trombone also! What stuff do you use, because I use slide o mix, and I think the only oil that they have that would work is the small bottle, and at that it seems like a thick lubricant.

i use some no name brand that a place by me sells lol but its so weird my slide oil is thin like bearing lube but my friends slide oil is like snot haha but its amazing it seems to never go away like once you put it on your set for months

slide o mix is so much like snot… You will have to let me know how well the other stuff works if you use it on your yoyo.

ill try it on one of my bad throws and ill pm you about it

I think that’s what it says on a bottle of Al cass.

I play trumpet and lamp oil is basi ally the same as valve oil. And valve
Oil is basically the same as thin lube. All work interchangably through my experience. Although there is probably subtle differeneces.

It can work but I find a smaller tip opening would be preferable.