Trombone Valve Oil ???

OK , so i need to clean my bearings quick ,and i cant order anything right now so , i was wondering if trombone oil would be an ok solution to lube my bearing with after cleaning?


Yeah, that’s considered thin lube. At least if it’s that holton valve oil stuff in the round bottles it is.

It’s kind of risky. I wouldn’t do it ;). When I clean my bearings I never lube it after and it’s perfectly fine.

ye i works my friend who play the trombone uses it on his all the time

Ive played trombone for two years, and I used this lube for over a year. Its waaay better than thin lube


Yea, I use trumpet valve oil, I bet they are the same thing, and I prefer it over yyj thin lube.
And it is cheaper and comes in larger amounts.

You only need a tiny, tiny drop. Bout the size of a pin head.

Sounds like a good idea i might have to start using that instead ( I Play Trombone)

I have valve oil but it is not liquid, it is like lip balm. Will it work the same as trombone valve oil? :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t suggest using that.

No that wouldn’t work it is probably tuning slide or cork grease and i wouldn’t do anything but gunk up the bearing

Ok, I won’t use it :slight_smile:

Sorry for jacking the thread, if I did :-[