Is there any thing you can find around your house to lube a bearing?

So I just want to know if you can “lube” a bearing without any lube.

Thin gun lube,
Trumpet valve oil
really thin oil for sewing machines.

What, you don’t even have a can of 3-in-1 oil sitting around? Musical instrument oil, gun oil or fishing reel oil works fine too. Otherwise go to the hardware store and get some Synco Superlube. I’ve used it for years. Works fine.

sewing machine oil also be careful with trumpet valve oil some is really thick while other times its really thin.

for trumpet valve oil you want to get fast playing oil. Its the thin stuff.

yoyo lube

Pay close attention…

I would stack my Pennies and them Jibbies up to get the YYJ Lube…, Don’t be ghetto about your lube.

Guys I know I seem stupid for asking this and not just buying lube but I don’t have many yoyos and I’m probaly not going to order one for a while and I think it is silly just to order just lube by itself.

Then go to the hardware store.

i never ever use oil. use terrapin dry lube polymer based lube…its amazing…no lag less friction
and only $5 on ebay

Once again, Pay close attention…

do you like talking to people like theyre 6,.
there was no need for that cocky comment.
…besides…ive got dry lube in my house, its not in anyone elses.
for the sake of a few bucks i just wouldnt bother using gun oil or anything else like that

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