Yoyo leaning heavily to the right?

My Dark Magic 2 has started leaning very heavily to the right.
No matter how straight I throw it. I’ve even started throwing it, curving it to the left, and it will be spin straight for a moment before leaning to the right again.

I thought it might be the fact that the axle can be uneven when you twist it back together after changing the bearing. But I’ve tried adjusting and adjusting to try to get it as even as possible (so it isn’t even slightly weighted on either side) and it hasn’t helped.

Any thoughts?

Darn republican yoyos…

But seriously, this is usually related to your throw. Make sure you’re throwing evenly from your shoulder. And if you changed the bearing, try it again with the original bearing to see if the switch caused the problem.


I assume you are pretty new. It takes time and practice getting a good throw. Don’t let your self down, and just have fun and it will come in time.

it can be the caps wobbling

If it always leans to the right, it’s your throw. If it was the yoyo, it would alternate between leaning left and right.


My throws have all been very straight, with no problems at all, and this didn’t start happening until after I changed the bearing. Hence my concern.

Good idea changing the bearing back - I’ll give that a try.
Anyone else have any other ideas?

I’m pretty sure it’s your throw. As said earlier, if it was the yoyo, it would alternate to the left and the right every throw. Put tape on one side of the yoyo, throw it, bind, and throw again. You’ll see it’ll end up on the other side. So it can’t be the yoyo.

Yoyos will precess slightly under typical conditions, which means leaning or rotating mid-spin. New players will notice this at a more drastic level since they are typically throwing the yoyo with a less powerful rotation, so the precession takes over quicker.

Refer to this video to fix a tilting yoyo mid-trick and get the most out of your throw.

As you work on getting a solid toss, you’ll notice the effects of precession affecting you less and less. Furthermore, you’ll begin to treat any tilting that arises subconsciously.

Straighten up that wrist bud!

Use the ketchup mod … It helped me with the problem your having.

What bearing are you using? Switch to a center trac !

Did you try throwing other yoyos to see if it’s your throw?