Yoyo tilting/leaning?

After buying a CLYW Chief, I switched out the bearing for a center trac bearing. I was quickly disappointed when I found the yoyo leaning and tilting. If I throw a straight sleeper and watch the yoyo, I can see it slowly turn counterclockwise. It also occasionally leans to the side. This is really bugging me. Please help! Thanks

That’s just what all yoyos do :stuck_out_tongue: A KK might help a bit.

no i don’t think you understand. once i throw it, after maybe 20 seconds the yoyo has turned an entire 360

Then your bearing’s screwed :stuck_out_tongue: Give it a good clean and if that doesn’t work you should get a new bearing.

It’s very normal, that’s called precession. It happens when the string is not completely in the middle causing one side of the yoyo to be “heavier”, thus precession. It shouldn’t affect tricks like at all, because when you play it normally you should be able to balance the yoyo keeping it from precessing around.